Welcome to the Baroda Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

Bank is providing various types of Direct Finance To Societies (PACS), Individual, Traders , MSI (Medium Scale Industries), Professional & Self Employed, as also bank is providing Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, Gold Loan, Loans, Consumer durable Loan etc.

No. Type Of Loan Particular Rate of Interest
1 Short term Agricultural Crop Loan - (KCC) A. Up to Rs 3.00 lakh (PACs)
B. Above Rs 3.00 lakh (PACs)
C. Revolving Cash Credit - Individual
    (Up to 3 Lakh)
D. Revolving Cash Credit - Individual     (Above 3 Lakh)

2 General Cash Credit PACs A.General Cash Credit PACs
B.General Cash Credit Individual
3 Loan against Gold Ornaments Individual 11.50%
4 Loan against NSC/KVP Individual 11.50%
5 Loan against LIC Policy Individual 11.50%
6 Loan / Cash Credit against Property (For Business Purpose - up to Rs 5.00 lakh ) 13.50%
7 Traders Cash Credit ( up to 25 lakh) Individual 12.50%
8 Hypothication Cash Credit for Co-op Societies under directive control for commodities (Cotton, Sugar, Oil-seeds, Grain) under selected credit control 12.00%
9 Cash Credit to Co-operative Sugar Mill A. Sugar Pledge Cash Credit
B. Cash Credit Against store stock
10 Medium Term Agriculture Loan A. Tractor ,Power tiller, Trailer, Thressor,      Tempo, etc
B. Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler, Pipeline, Oil      engine,
C. Dairy Development & Tabela Loan
D. Godown loan society
E. Rural housing & Non-Agriculture Loan -     Up to 15 Lakh


11 M T Non Agriculture Loan for A. Two Wheeler / Three Wheeler /
     Four Wheeler
B. Tempo / Truck Loan



  • Overdue Panelty Interest in addition to the above mentioned interest rates would be levied on PACS @ 1.00%
  • Overdue Panelty Interest  in addition to the above mentioned interest rates would be levied for Individual @ 2.00%
  • In case of Overdue KCC Loan (upto Rs. 3 lacs) interest rate would be applicable @ 12.00%
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    Our bank is the main center and priority organization of the district's cooperative activity. Through our primary cooperative societies working in our district from Zilla, providing major agricultural credit to the farmers living in the area of the villages in the area of the district, the main task is to accelerate the farm production activity. And where the primary cooperative societies have been suspended. Also, the primary co-operative societies "D". The net farmers of the Mandalayo villages, Banknom Nominal Farming credit is provided by the bank even after making a member.